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  AILOUX is specializing in the manufacture of pitched roof window for attic, if necessary, according to the type, size and price contact us, we will first provide you with the best service!    Recruitment agents throughout the country, Tel:0575-82031542
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Technical Support

1.Takes out the entire window, punishes the window frame and the window sash from the hinge, the window frame fixes on the opening reservation hole.

2.Casement slider hinge into the hinge axis within the sliding window frames, window sash turn to free, and adjust the space around the box fan.

3.Make waterproof volume material welding in the window frame and the roofing waterproof layer, guarantees cannot water leakage.

4.According to the base, nearby two, the crown order will drain water finally again first in the board insertion window frame special-purpose against water trough, then enters the corresponding gage lathe or the cement mortar according to the opposite order in the draining water board base pad, and in with roofing between fixed.

5.Material and drain tile roof with lap, the gap between special foam pad by the drainage board shall seal, lead apron two folded 90 pressure in the tile material following
Red line principle: The pitched roof window mounting height take the gage lathe on the plane and the window frame red line contour as a standard, otherwise the influence draining water board's installment and drains water
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